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What size of solar panel would I need to power a small extractor fan?

I am in the process of building a passive heating system for my house. My house has a largish crawl space under a dark grey tin roof, which heats up enormously.
I am thinking about buying small extractor fans and install them so that they channel the hot air from the attic down into the rooms through pipes which exit into the rooms via ceiling ports.
I want to power the fans by solar panels, so that sunshine automatically makes them blow the hot attic air down into the house.
I live in southern NZ, with temperatures, sunshine hours, and intensity comparable to those of Northern California.
What size of solar panel do you reckon I would need to ensure proper functionality?
Thanks for your advice.
I am perfectly open on performance specs of the fan heaters, if necessary, I’ll even build my own. All they need to do is shovel down air. Every little helps.