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Can I install radiant floor heating with a tankless water heater?

I am thinking of putting in radiant floor heating, but I don’t want to use electric coils. Can I use a hydronic system with a tankless water heater? From what I understand tankless heaters only fire up when the water flow rate reaches 2.5 gallons per minute… will a hydronic system keep the heater running? I am going this route to save money in the long run on utilities, but I am not sure if it is counterproductive… I am also wondering if I need a separate boiler for the radiant heating system.

Need help sizing a circulation /hydronic pump. Please help!?

Have 75,000 btu boiler, cast iron, with 1" supply and return. Using with a 79 gallon indirect, hot water heater /storage tank. Co. says flow rate for coil is 5gpm . They do not list pressure loss at coil. I am using 1" heat pex for supply and return to HWH. About 12′. What circulator should I use, please? Such as what size, series, Taco,Grundfos, Wilo ? Thanks!………………….

where can i buy thermal board wholesale for hydronic heating?

where can i buy thermal board wholesale for hydronic heating also all items boiler , piping,manifolds etc. I would like to do my own system.

who has the best price for a hydronic heating system with above floor heat pex pipe snap into quick track?

where can i buy at wholesale price boiler pex pipe thermal board valves, manifolds etc. in USA

Ideal pressure for a hydronic heating system?

I have hydronic baseboard heat. The entire single story house is on a single zone, making for a loop of about 150 feet or so of 3/4" copper pipe and slant fin. I’ve had to drain and fill the system several times recently for repairs, and haven’t been able to purge it after several tries.

On the advice of a repairman, I have reduced the pressure this winter from 27 PSI to 14 PSI and turned down the high limit on the aquastat from 180°F to 160°F. Would it benefit me to fast-fill the system to 25 PSI or so and try to purge it again? Even if this works, will more air enter the system when I open the drain valve to reduce back to 14 PSI and make me have to start over again?

BTW, the boiler relief valve blows off at 30 PSI.

City water gauge moves slightly. Is this indicative of a radiant in floor leak?

One month ago I purchased a patio home with hydronic in floor heat. Recently as the electric mini boiler was running and feeding newly heated water through the pipes I noticed that the tiny triangle of my city water gauge was moving ever so slightly. (No other water was being used during this time). Is this indicative of a leak in the piping somewhere or is a miniscule use of water normal? If this is indicative of a leak what should I do next?
The gauge will sit motionless for a while, then it will move a hair or two, then sit motionless again. It keeps doing this while the boiler runs. Also, I've tried turning off the valve to the toilet and it has no effect.

DIY hydronic underfloor radiant heating system?

I am researching on if it is possible to build a hydronic underfloor heating system from common materials. I was thinking about purchasing a medium size water heater, water pump, and about 1000 feet of tubing, maybe pvc, or even your higher end common garden hoses as they dont have much insulation to contain the heat in the hose. and it isnt like the lines will be under any serious pressure. I am on a 4' crawlspace now, and I am getting ready to install insulation. Any recommendations? the commercial stuff is way over priced if you have researched you can pick up a water heater for under 150 and a commercial smaller boiler will run 2000. also the pex hosing runs about 10 dollars a foot, your most expensive hose isnt 30 dollars for 50 feet. Any help is appreciated.. Thanks
I was wondering if this sounds like it would work well. I am trying not to dump 10k into a radiant system. And I have never seen one in person or the components used. But looking online at a few sites I have seen where water heaters were used, and I am not sure if they work properly for this application, also the hose, or tubing. The pex tubing that is suppose to be used looks alot like a garden hose. I was also thinking about running PVC as it is cheap too. I would think the hose would be better as I can run it between the joists in a snake pattern because it is so flexible. I am not wanting to waste 1000 either if it isnt going to work correctly. I was hoping to get some answers from people that have experience with this stuff. Will the PVC or a garden hose distribute heat well? or is there another inexpensive hose/tube that would work better other than the PEX? Will the water heater work for a heat source on a 1000 feet of tubing? and what size is recommended? How large a pump? TIA