Heated Driveway question, electric or hydronic?

I live in utah and need to heat a driveway for winter snow. I know hydronic is cheaper to run but more expensive to install. Ive been checking out warmzone. Does anybody have experience with either types of systems and what are your thoughts?

One contractor came out to bid the driveway and wanted me to do hydronic. He said electric sucks. Then again he wanted to do the work for the hydronic with the driveway. He wouldnt be doing the work for the electric.

Just any suggestions would be great.

4 Responses to “Heated Driveway question, electric or hydronic?”

  • T C:

    I won’t give you a definitive answer just an opinion.
    I have installed several electric ones here in Michigan which seems to work well. Before I did my first I researched both the electric and hydronic …..and settled on the electric.
    Both systems work …..I found that electric works quicker ….is easier to install is less expensive and requires less maintenance ……down side being, it is slightly more expensive to operate.

    I am not disregarding the hydronic, I have see the operation ….and it does work. My purpose here is to give you a fair evaluation of electric, as opposed to the “it sucks”, one sided competitive opinion.

  • dipsydoodle:

    the downtown buildings in our city use electric. the hydronic needs boiler and piping. more maintenance.

  • everythingchanges:

    Electric will be cheaper to install but what happens if an element goes out.
    The tubing for infloor heat is more durable if cracks form.

  • George:

    Electric will be cheaper to install but I would use a geothermal system. They are cheap to use and they are virtually maintenance free.