Can I install radiant floor heating with a tankless water heater?

I am thinking of putting in radiant floor heating, but I don’t want to use electric coils. Can I use a hydronic system with a tankless water heater? From what I understand tankless heaters only fire up when the water flow rate reaches 2.5 gallons per minute… will a hydronic system keep the heater running? I am going this route to save money in the long run on utilities, but I am not sure if it is counterproductive… I am also wondering if I need a separate boiler for the radiant heating system.

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  • oil field trash:

    You need continuous heat for a radiant floor heating system. Tankless heaters are not designed for continuous operation. You really need a separate hot water system for radiant heat. Your best bet would be to get some local contractors who do this type of work to provide you will options on what is best for your house.

  • The biggest cost of any Radiant Heat System is the labor to build and install. Due to the special requirements of Radiant Heating Systems local plumbers and heating companies are often not familiar with the specifics of system builds